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Dear Community,

After months of discussing and planning, we have finally decided to add a system for paid assemblies to Ensage. In the next couple of weeks we will unlock a store where you will be able to purchase assemblies with all existing payment methods (including account balance).


We consider this as required because the current developer payment system is not sustainable for either side. In addition to that we want to attract new motivated developers. This will result in a better quality for our customers because of the strict guidelines that must be followed. Customers will receive an exclusive support by the developer.


The Ensage subscription will remain since maintaining the Core, the Loader, Ennola and the SDK still requires continuous work and further development. Updates are released fast and improving Ennola has prevented another ban-wave for more than a year now, proving our work to be effective and successful.


Developers are not allowed to take down currently released assemblies to re-release them as paid assemblies. However, updated and better versions can become paid assemblies.

Paid assemblies must:

  1. Be tested thoroughly and work properly.
  2. Be maintained actively. If any changes to DotA break the assembly, it must be updated.
  3. Be sold through our official assembly store where all payments are processed by the administration.
  4. Have an acceptable code quality.
  5. Only load if they should load.
  6. NOT impact other assemblies.
  7. Have a reasonable initial price (can be adjusted later if more features are added -- existing sales will persist.)
  • Developers will have to give our team read access to their repository (it can be a private github repo, bitbucket, etc) and they will decide weather the assembly can be sold or not.
  • Broken assemblies must be updated within 7 days, otherwise the developer will be banned from the system and the assembly will be published open source (or given to another developer).
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