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after a long time of using this script that helped me many times to get out of low priority and abuse MMR when the system is placing you in loser pool and forcing the 50% winrate by giving you 4 animals in your team that makes it impossible to win I cheated the system and reached 8k MMR this way last year but now I don't want to play dota anymore and maybe someone can still use this.

Here is a short video I made what this script does and if more people are interested in it I will maybe write a detailed guide what it does and how to use it.


Using this script to abuse the dota 2 matchmaking system is a really evil action btw and not right, but at the same time the matchmaking is broken and the fact that I have proof how it ruins your experience after a winstreak makes playing dota a waste of time in solo ranked and only enjoyable as a 5man stack.

So yeah, to use this script you obviously need 2 accounts in around the same MMR (~1500) difference and depending on the difference and server you can select the same server region and it works better on RD and CM when the MMR difference is very big.

You will stay in queue until both accounts find a match at the same time and get placed in the same game, if this is not the case it will cancle and you can re-queue without getting a cooldown and repeat until you are in the same game.

This way you have your main account playing against a smurf account that you control and you can use this to ruin enemy game and tilt them.. over the time I have done many different ways but the best thing is always that you fight your team in the beginning by telling mid or feed and then pick tiny and toss them.. enemy team will go afk and surrender and you have a free win.

If they abandon from too much tilt you won't even get reported and you can go next rinse and repeat until the MMR difference is too high that it is hard to get matched but it even worked for me with a difference of over 2k mmr to get matched against my main account. And another good thing is once your smurf was on a losing streak and lost mmr, you can just play on it and you will get better team mates as your winrate dropped below 50% and it will help you out to win and get your MMR back so you can keep abusing this way.

It is a script written in AutoIT and if I am allowed to upload the .exe and a moderator can approve I can share it because I am sure someone can use this and exploit this broken system until it gets fixed... but I highly doubt valve cares and this abuse will always work.


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