How to refund, this is the most junk script I have ever used.

Asking for a refund will cause my machine to be severely stuck and cause network packet loss! I posted on the website for help, no one helped me.



  • There are always problems with network packet loss from time to time.
    You can see the screenshot,
    I use the red arrow to specifically mark the network packet loss will always fluctuate in ten minutes, sometimes even reach 50+
    I will not have this problem when I close the ensage script, please help me.
    The second screenshot is all the scripts I use. Please check for me which is the problem.

    _ :roto2: This problem has made me fucking angry_
    Network packet loss in a regular ten minutes

  • NeeDforKillNeeDforKill Posts: 1,976
    edited September 2018

    Sorry for your problems, i see you old our customer. But i can say for sure, this problem on your end. I playing every game with friends and asking other users, there is no problem like that. Probably, you have bad connection to ensage or low internet speed ,you need stable connection to our servers. So probably when they send data, you get this packet loss. You can try to test with normal VPN.

  • This makes no sense. I have this problem too but it's because of my isp or valve server it been a month.

    Solution? Play on another server.

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