Network latency and network packet loss issues in the game

koktaykoktay Posts: 52

Sometimes the network packet loss and network delay will suddenly become very high during the game, and the game cannot be played! What is the problem? How should I solve it? Definitely not my network problem, these problems will disappear after I close the ensage and restart, but this problem will appear soon

These problems never happen when I try to close the ensage for the game....
Sometimes I suspect that there is a problem with one of these scripts, please help me check


  • NeeDforKillNeeDforKill Posts: 1,406

    Packet loss can be related if your connection very bad. Ensage and scripts send sometimes data.

  • it's not an ensage related problem.

    Yes, I have this problem too. But its because of my stupid isp or dota server. Just play in another server.

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