Rules for Assembly Discussions

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These rules are aimed at improving the interaction between users and developers.
Also to maintain an adequate, friendly atmosphere.

In Assembly discussions you should only write about: bug reports, assembly questions, suggestions for improvement, payment questions and trial resets..

If you do not like the assembly, if you are not satisfied with the price, please keep it with you. You have the opportunity to try before you buy, also developer can reset trial period if you had any problems with your first test. The developer sets the price at his discretion.

It is strictly forbidden to insult developers, users, it is also forbidden to use "bad words".

Users who systematically violate the rules will be punished, including account blocking. Even if you have bought all the scripts - it does not release from liability and there will be no exceptions.

These rules do not cancel paid assembly rules

You can't anymore come and write " your assembly shit not working" , you must do a proper bug report.

  1. Describe the situation in detail.
  2. Take a Ensage console screenshot/ record video

This will help to quickly fix the problem and reduce flooding in the discussions.

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