any idea why my DOTA Crash after accepting game? cant play dota



  • GoldenfrozeGoldenfroze Posts: 885

    You need to wait for ensage to fully loaded before entering a game to prevent a crash.

  • genjiakpgenjiakp Posts: 84

    Nah, there is deff something wrong, the loader isnt loading the asemb's properly. Something went wrong after recent dota update.

    Having to restart dota more then a few times/pressing reload over and over again as well.

  • pratham47pratham47 Posts: 19

    i waited for an hour after ensage got loaded still its crashing I am tired of ensage now

  • jamezinjojamezinjo Posts: 11

    Same here, still crashing, whats going on?

  • jamezinjojamezinjo Posts: 11

    Did I paid to get crashed & can't play game.

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