Which heroes are the strongest with scripts? In your opinion

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  • LassoLasso Posts: 16

    Axe It's the most strong in my opinion or invoker, but i hate invoker

  • GoldenfrozeGoldenfroze Posts: 890

    Sky Zuus Arc Tinker the 4 horsemen.

  • GHz_GHz_ Posts: 4

    Skywrath Mage, Zeus, and Arc Warden assemblies are super, super obvious, though. You need to heavily tweak them so you aren't reported every sing game.

  • PennyPackerPennyPacker Posts: 102

    If you're bad at invoker(like me), maybe invoker.
    Windranger is strong, high shackle chance if you suck at shackling.
    Skywrath Mage.

    The problem with some assemblies are, they auto CC by default, so it's really obvious when someone blinks on you and you instant silence/hex them/stun them. I wish this option was turned off by default.

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