Uninstaller / Crash Enola Issue.

1tnch1tnch Posts: 1

I have no idea why this application has no uninstaller came with it. so basically im trying to fix my Ensage bug issue. Where everytime i find match or go lobby my Dota 2 crashes. Then Prompt a message (Terminating Dota to load Enola). i suggest Support could go and check the link of the error message.

And Please update us with Uninstaller.exe / this could help alot.



  • ralph_repatoralph_repato Posts: 135

    I agree I'm having the same issues

  • anonymouseanonymouse Posts: 377

    I dont have this problem, make sure you launch steam>ensage>run dota2 from ensage

  • GoldenfrozeGoldenfroze Posts: 890

    uninstall is not a problem just delete ensage folder and its gone. and install it again.

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