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Dear Community,

We are happy to welcome you to the re-relaunch of Ensage


  • The forum is now using a tag-system.
  • The base price was reduced to 10$ USD / month.
  • The database is fully integrated in the loader.
  • You need to re-register, but old subscriptions will stay active.
  • From Friday on, free games will be limited to one game per day
  • Subscribers will be compensated.

Getting started with the official guide series.

The entire forum is reworked and much more complex than you would think at the first moment. With the new structure we want to improve the communication, make it easier to get started, and connect users better to discussions.

The new system provides less limitations and more freedom for the users. The forum is divided in three major categories: English, Russian and Chinese. Each of these categories define discussion tags in their own native language. In that way discussions become easier to find by tags and everything is self-growing.

All this becomes definitely more clear if you read the Using The Tag System post.

Price Reduction
The monthly base price of Ensage was reduced to 10$ USD / month. Therefore the prices of the 1 week subscription was adjusted to 3$, as well as the 3 months one to 25$ USD.

The store is kept simple with many different payment gateways for all countries. If you want to buy a subscription make sure to follow all steps in the "How to Buy a Subscription" guide.

If you have any issues you can open a support ticket.

The entire database was purged and all broken assemblies were removed. With the relaunch of Ensage we want to reach another milestone of quality. This will be accomplished by having all assemblies working and continuous future support.

The assembly database is also fully integrated in the loader now.

Free Games
By Friday, the 14th of April 2017, free games will be limited to one game per day. We noticed that many users exploited a bug in our system to play a massive amount of ranked games for free. Therefore we have decided to keep developers the ability to write assemblies ingame and to lock off leechers. We think it's a fair solution taking in account that the monthly price was reduced as well.

Subscription time will be extended until major assemblies work again.

You should definitely read through the entire getting-started guide series before you start to explore this new place. In addition to that we are happy that you have joined us and hope that you like this place.

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