Diable Ennola Kill

dawaisukadawaisuka Posts: 121

On or Off ?

Cant find any information about that.

Also for what is the "load plugin" option ?




  • bemineebeminee Posts: 566

    I think it's pretty clear. Ennola is Ensage's Anti-VAC protection software. If you "enable" "Disable Ennola Kill" Ennola won't kill your Dota when a new VAC module is here.

    Load plugin should be enabled too in case you want to use new SDK plugin assemblies.

  • dawaisukadawaisuka Posts: 121

    Okay thanks so it stays unchecked

  • GoldenfrozeGoldenfroze Posts: 890

    @dawaisuka said:
    Okay thanks so it stays unchecked


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