FailSwitch (including PowerTreads AutoToggle)

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Prevents failing certain actions.
This includes casting important are of effect spells where no enemies are, casting target spells on linkens protected spells or illusions while the real target is in range or none target spells such as Magnus and Tide ultimates.

Also automatic PowerTreads toggling is added.

Supported AOE spells:

  • Enigmas ulti
  • Pucks ulti
  • Obsis ulti
  • Voids ulti

Supported none target Spells:

  • Magnus ulti
  • Tides ulti
  • Cent stomp
  • Slardard crush
  • EarthShaker ulti

Supported target spells with linkens check:

  • Doom ulti
  • Lion ulti
  • Lina ulti
  • Jugger ulti
  • AntiMage ulti
  • Legion ulti
  • BloodSeeker ulti
  • TerrorBlade ulti
  • Furion ulti
  • Bane ulti
  • Lich ulti

All target spells are checked to cast on the real target if you target an illusion and the real target is visible/in range!

So stop failing your important spells guys and start winning Kappa

(If any other spells are wished important, just add them and create a pull request)

Change log:

* fixed PowerTreads AutoToggle for Templar Assassin using meld

* added berserkers call, centaur stomp, slardar stomp, echo slam
* added magic piercing/agha logic

* Added notifications whenever you fail
* added power treads toggling (should support almost all spells correctly) -> will also toggle back to the state before
![Treads Toggle](]AM Treads Toggle)
* added cast point check (enemies could blink away before)
* added menu options
* ravage is now testing for magic immunity targets

* Release



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