How you up mmr?

StiflerStifler Posts: 37

What kind of scripts do you use to up mmr ? I have 6000 hours of dota, using scripts and calibrated season mmr on twink for 2700mmr!! =)) Im always goind with positive KDA on any role. A lot of times im going something like 15-3 but still i can't win solo .



  • RoxaSRoxaS Posts: 10

    I got 5k for 3 accounts by using ensage.
    In my opinion, you should pick hero that good in both push and kill like SF, invoker, arc warden, LC, sven etc. .
    Problem in low mmr is you forget to push after kill.
    with hero i suggest, after 1 team wipe you can just ask teammates to push and gg.

  • GoldenfrozeGoldenfroze Posts: 875

    git gud

  • Lul 6k hours play still 2700 mmr , i got 200 hpurs play and im ancient

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