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This assembly is quite young and I didn't test it too much in a real game. So I'd really appreciate some constructive feedback.


  • Lasthitting and denying for multiple melee and ranged units at the same time (select a unit and toggle lasthitting)
  • Can be either toggled for each unit or used for the current selection while pressing a key
  • Detects quelling blade, iron talon, battle fury and diffusal blade
  • Show the lasthit range and an active effect.

Known problems:

  • Special case for lasthitting under a tower is not included yet.
  • Some heroes might perform bad while other heroes are actively denying.
  • When a lot of creeps are currently pushing and attacking a single creep, it will be probably too late.
  • When you are too far away or facing another angle from a potential target, it might not work too well yet (when you see a creep can be lasthitted soon, try to look already into its direction and/or be in range)

Planned but not finished yet:

  • Other modes: laneclear, harras.
  • Special implementation for some heroes and units: like anti-mage has manaburn, etc. (however forge-spirits should already work)
  • Improved detection when a creep will take damage to lasthit earlier and don't get denied too easy.
  • Only lane creeps are currently supported! (no neutral and summoned units)

Change log:

* fixed projectile time for ranged attacker units
* fixed deny function for ranged controlled units
* updated for new quelling-blade / iron talon
* added move to mouse option

* updated the pseudo health calculation: using now animations to detect following attacks, rather than a history of health loss

* fixed a bug where the hero wouldn't stop attacking when a creep has still too much hp
* fixed a bug where denying was prioritized over lasthitting
* using new GetEntities method for improved performance

* fixed a bug when farm was toggled on and the farm key was pressed at the same time
* improved menu performance
* fixed deny range for ranged units
* other bugfixes and improvements

* Release

All feedback and suggestions are welcome.



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