Ennola injecting process question

dawaisukadawaisuka Posts: 121
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Hi Guys,

normally i started ensage -> steam -> start dota button
but since 2 weeks i get many steam crashes and when it finally one time not crash and ennola is injected (in console) i get always ALWAYS VAC warning msg <-this happens only for my main acc not for an old smurf account (on smurf NO VAC msg ! )

but since the update today when i start steam first and then ensage,
i can read " 1791| 6| EnnolaService| MoveNext| Successfully loaded Ennola into 10844" in the console and when i search for a game i DONT get the VAC message

so whats behind that everyone is saying u need to start first ensage then steam ?

im not sure if i can play now if i do it like that
maybe someone can explain it a lil bit in more detail


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