FPS drops drastically

amdemto1amdemto1 Posts: 49
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like title, i used E normally before that, now i upgrade my VGA(gtx 750). and my fps drops drasticaally from 60 in early game to 22 at 10 min in game, and it continues to the end of the game. it is so annoying, can you help me designate the cause? thank you
my system hardware , ram 8gb, vga gtx750 4gb



  • GoldenfrozeGoldenfroze Posts: 890

    cpu? assemblys?

  • amdemto1amdemto1 Posts: 49

    here is my profile ps://profile/New+Profile/8,12,16,17,24,29,36,39,54,81,82,92,126
    in the past , i used it normally, with even a lower system( gtx 630, ram 4gb), and i had about 50 fps. now it starts with 60 fps at early, then drop to 23 fps then 'lock" at that fps,

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    Can you give a screenshot of the profile?

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