Is Dota 2 Modding (Pumpkin/Block Trees, Free Cosmetics for urself) still working?

kappatalismkappatalism Posts: 134

I think the gameinfo changing way is blocked now right ? How is Dota 2 Changer still working ?



  • JetJet Posts: 171

    Do people actually use that and they haven't received a ban? I'm looking for a Dota 2 mod changer, we had that one guy that was releasing them on the old forums

  • OMG this would be great! Like the tree stump mod they had in Heroes of Newerth.
    I can't believe there does not exist a version on ENSAGE.
    I would not trust any other mods devs for this type of mod.

  • GoldenfrozeGoldenfroze Posts: 890

    Ask @YEEEEEEE to reupload his dota2modplus xD

  • no no. I confirmed this mod IS working great! Download Yeeee's dota2modplus whole directory and it's a dream!

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