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As many of you have already experienced: several new vac modules have been released and therefore the Killswitch of Ennola protects you, until these new modules are approved.

Since we have to make sure that nothing unexpected has been added to all of these new modules, we need to verify everything which happens in them and this takes some time. There's currently no exact ETA for the Ennola update.

If you just use a smurf and don't care too much about safety, you can disable the Ennola-Killswitch in the loader settings (This won't mean that Ennola is not working anymore).


  • AdminAdmin Posts: 96

    An Ennola update just has been pushed.
    If you have problems with starting dota or steam, I suggest to either completely close Steam/Dota before updating Ennola, or restart your PC.

    Please keep in mind that :gaben:, as we all know, loves to push a lot of updates in a short time period :asunaderp:
    So it could happen that new modules are still received after the current update and then they'll need to be inspected too.

    All current subscribers can find their compensation days here: https://ensage.io/store/compensation

  • AdminAdmin Posts: 96

    We were aware that some users still had problems with Ennola.
    The new update should finally fix it. Please make sure that you're using the latest Ennola version when you still have problems now (close Steam/Dota and let the Loader update Ennola).

    Another day of compensation has been added to everyone's subscription.

  • AdminAdmin Posts: 96

    Ennola has been finally updated.
    Sorry for the unexpected, additional delay!
    2 days of compensation have been added to all user accounts.

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