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ceferinoceferino Posts: 2

I Need Help last 3 hrs i use it and this error Come Out and Close Dota2



  • hawk027hawk027 Posts: 20

    are you using "start Dota2" button? if yes it should work fine

  • ceferinoceferino Posts: 2

    yes i always do but it wont load the game that thing show up every time i lunch the game i already try 6-10 times to load the game using " start dota2 " even i restart the PC and Re download the Apps ..

  • ceferino2ceferino2 Posts: 1

    I create new Account ensage to try whats the problem and i can see still the same i cant Lunch the Game Using Loader and cant Lunch the game Using Steam ether .. Any one can Help me

  • neverb4dneverb4d Posts: 1

    same issues here

  • NeeDforKillNeeDforKill Posts: 1,976

    @neverb4d said:
    same issues here

    any Razer stuff?

  • GoldenfrozeGoldenfroze Posts: 890

    Close razer synapse and make sure your lobby created has server not local host.

  • same issues

  • did u install it on your main drive? please make sure you install it on your main drive and not in downloads.
    and you should start the dota 2 via ensage in the loader Dashboard you can see the Start Dota 2 button and if still not working try select dx9.

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