Hello !

Hey lads,

New to ensage, i've been scripting for years in league and reached challenger in s3 sadly scripting in league is pretty dead now, since L# is gone, accounts dont even last a week.

I decided to switch to Dota 2 for a fresh start and thanks god u kept this project going.

I have one question tho, is this safe right now ? I don't mind the bans, i'm used to it but i would like to know if i can use ensage on my main steam account, it's a high lvl account it would be stupid to get a ban on it.




  • IdcNoobIdcNoob Posts: 1,175

    Even though there was no bans past few months, its not recommended to use ensage on account that u afraid to lose.

  • :gaben: is watching

  • Alright thanks, i'll just use it on a smurf account then, thanks for the work u put on ensage :)

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