Thinking of coming back, have some doubts.

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Hi all, I used to play with Ensage# back when L# was alive, but due to health issues I had to quit. I am better now and willing to come back but I got some questions I'd like some answers for.
Is it possible to play unlimited "custom" games? (I think lobby games is what you call them in DotA2). My main reason for this is to be able to develop some assemblies, get used to the new API, before buying a subscription to play.
And speaking of new API. Is there any tutorial for it? Im talking about Ensage.SDK. I think I still remember some things about Ensage.Common. But viewing other people's assemblies, I see there is heavy usage on attributes when it comes to use Ensage.SDK.

TL;DR. Had to quit, now I can come back. Got two questions: Can we still develop assemblies for free? I.E Unlimited lobby games for debugging assemblies.
Any tutorial available to learn the usage of Ensage.SDK and it's attributes?

Thanks beforehand.

EDIT: I forgot to ask how the security is doing these days. Safe to use on main, or just stick to secondary accounts?



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